Jack’s first broken bone

Well, it didn’t take him long. I would have put good money on Jack being the first to break a bone, but what was perhaps more surprising was that he wasn’t horsing around or doing something he shouldn’t. In fact, he came to break his arm at the hand of Ellie.

Ellie and Jack were having a… disagreement, and in the course of events, Jack came to fall off of the bench that they were both on perhaps (definitely) because of Ellie’s hand that pushed him off of it. Continue reading “Jack’s first broken bone”

Jack’s 8-month picture

Another month, another picture. It’s been a month of a lot of milestones for Jack: he’s sitting up by himself, getting to a sitting position by himself, having baths in the big bath and Jack’s first Christmas to name but a few.

He continues to grow and he looks exceptionally tall in this picture (perhaps because of the big clothes – thanks Aunty Shelly!). He’s so happy and so much fun though. I love him to bits! Continue reading “Jack’s 8-month picture”

Jack’s 5-month picture

The fact that I’m posting Jack’s 5-month picture on the 11th instead of the 5th should be a good indication of just how hard 10 minutes is to come by.

Time is flying by so much quicker with Jack than it was with Ellie, likely amplified by the fact that we’re taking care of two children and getting much less sleep than we did with Ellie. Either way, Jack is a lot of fun and we can’t wait for him to hit six months soon. Continue reading “Jack’s 5-month picture”

Jack’s 2-month picture

Jack is now 2 months old and we’re very much loving the little guy that he’s become. He’s so happy and cheery and loves to show off his gorgeous smile.

We also have noticed lately, by looking back at older photos of Ellie (like these or these) just how much they look alike. And for a fun comparison, here’s Ellie’s 2-month picture. Continue reading “Jack’s 2-month picture”

Jack’s 1-month picture

Jack is now a whole month old. Life has been so crazy since his birth that for the most part it just seems like he should be much older.

He’s definitely growing quickly though and faster than average. He could lift his own head from birth, hold it up from about 3 weeks and has been smiling for the past week when he sees us. Continue reading “Jack’s 1-month picture”

Jack’s 2-week picture

It’s been a few days since I last posted an update, but that’s because it’s quite a busy job parenting two children! Also, I went back to work this week, though I’m starting off with half days to ease back into things.

We can’t believe how much Jack is changing from day to day: he’s really starting to take on his own appearance and looks vastly different from his newborn and 1-week photos. Continue reading “Jack’s 2-week picture”