A big smile for a tall man

Clearly, we don’t have nearly as much time for putting up photos of Jack as we did for Ellie but here is a recent one nonetheless.

He is getting ridiculously long (he is still off the height chart) and gets more interactive every day. His legs move around like windmills and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the move by Thanksgiving, if not Halloween. Continue reading “A big smile for a tall man”

Morning smiles [VIDEO]

Luckily for us, Jack has found the joys of sleeping through the night. On a rough night, we might have to get up once and he’ll only sleep for 5 hours straight, but on most nights he’ll sleep for about 7 hours straight. This makes for a very happy man when heĀ does wake up.

I give you, Mr Smiles: Continue reading “Morning smiles [VIDEO]”

Jack’s 2-month picture

Jack is now 2 months old and we’re very much loving the little guy that he’s become. He’s so happy and cheery and loves to show off his gorgeous smile.

We also have noticed lately, by looking back at older photos of Ellie (like these or these) just how much they look alike. And for a fun comparison, here’s Ellie’s 2-month picture. Continue reading “Jack’s 2-month picture”