Our first look at Jack

We first found out that we were pregnant on August 28th. Between us and our midwife, we had a discrepancy of 3 weeks on how far into the pregnancy we were. So, our midwife encouraged us to get an ultrasound. We only wanted to have one ultrasound during our pregnancy, to find out the sex of the baby, which is ideally done between 16 & 20 weeks. However, the earlier you can get a dating scan, the better, because babies are more uniform in their growth earlier in the pregnancy before their growth starts diverging.

So, today was earlier than we would have normally gone to get a gender scan, but since we had the additional need to get a bit more information on how old the baby was, we went today to try and kill two birds with one stone. Continue reading “Our first look at Jack”

The day we found out we were pregnant

It was just a regular old Thursday, and as we do every night, Martina showered and then she started getting ready for bed while I showered before joining her.

Evidently, while I was in the shower, Martina got the impression that she needed to take a pregnancy test, despite not having any “pregnancy symptoms” and us having only been “trying” for about 6 weeks.

When I got out of the shower and started brushing my teeth, she started acting really weird and couldn’t wait for me to get into bed. When I lay in bed, I started reading as I often do and saw Martina grinning beside me. She asked if I felt anything weird. When I said no, she told me to look under the sheet that I was lying on top of.

There I found this:

Martina had joked beforehand that she was going to keep it a secret until about 12 weeks and come up with an elaborate way of telling me, so I couldn’t help but laugh that she couldn’t keep the secret for 10 minutes!

I thought the notes were adorable, and cried of course, and then we set about telling a few close US family members. We waited until morning to tell our UK family (given that they’d have been getting our phone calls at 3am otherwise).

We took two more tests just to be sure, just as we did with Ellie. And so began our journey.